Floppy Days 92 - Dave Lagerquist Interview, Editor CLOAD and Chromasette

    FloppyDays Vintage Computing Podcast 7/6/2019


Hello, welcome to Floppy Days Podcast #92, coming to you in July, 2019.  This month, I’m bringing to you an interview I’ve had in my backlog for almost 2 years now.  Thank goodness, most of the information on Floppy Days is timeless, so the interview is just as relevant today as it was then.  Anyway, I’m very happy to present an interview with Mr. Dave Lagerquist, who was the editor of both the CLOAD cassette magazine, which was produced for the TRS-80 Model I and Model III, and Chromasette cassette magazine, which was produced for the Tandy Color Computer.

As usual, I will cover a few new acquisitions, a run-down of upcoming shows and other news, a piece of feedback, and then we’ll get right into the meat of the interview.

Links Mentioned in the Show:

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