Floppy Days 96 - Epson HX-20 Bonus, Norbert Kehrer Interview

    FloppyDays Vintage Computing Podcast 12/31/2019


Interview with Norbert Kehrer, Flashx20

Hello, and happy 2020 to all the listeners out there.  As the final episode of 2019 I’m bringing to you a bonus show on the Epson HX-20.  I was able to get an interview with a gentleman who has developed a terrific piece of software that qualifies as a modern upgrade for the HX-20, called flashx20.  That gentleman is Mr. Norbert Kehrer and he was kind enough to talk with me about his software and how it’s used. I think you’ll find it interesting, especially if you have a machine and can give his software a whirl.

Next month I will begin a series of episodes on one of the groundbreaking machines in the UK, the BBC Micro.  I haven’t decided yet how many episodes there will be, but I was able to get an interview with an early computer pioneer involved with the development of the BBC Micro, so I intend to be as thorough as possible in the coverage of the machine.  Stay tuned for more on that.

For this episode, I will talk a bit about my new vintage computer acquisitions and what I’ve been up to, as well as the usual news about upcoming vintage computer shows and a bit of feedback.

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Interview with Norbert Kehrer


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