Floppy Days 42 - TRS-80 Model III & 4, Michael Nadeau

    FloppyDays Vintage Computing Podcast 7/28/2015


The TRS-80 Model III and 4


On the personal computer timeline, we’re currently in the 1979 to 1980 time frame.  I do apologize that this month’s topic, the TRS-80 Model III and 4, is being presented slightly out of order in that there were a couple of machines introduced a little prior to this that I plan to cover.  However, as I already had this one recorded I decided to present it now rather than hold up publishing an episode just to maintain a precise order.


As usual, I have a short preamble before we get into this month’s topic, covering new acquisitions, upcoming shows, and a little bit of feedback.


I was lucky enough to get author and vintage computer collector Michael Nadeau to agree to co-host this episode with me, so this should be a fun and interesting episode.


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