Floppy Days 40 - The Atari 400/800, Part III

    FloppyDays Vintage Computing Podcast 5/24/2015


Welcome to part 3 of the now 3 part episode covering the Atari 400 & 800 computers.  This episode will cover Web sites, emulation, books, software, modern upgrades, connectivity to modern computers, and much more.  I’m very happy to have pretty much the entire Atari 8-bit podcasting group as special guest hosts helping me cover these topics.  This includes Wade from Inverse Atascii (http://inverseatascii.info/ ) , Rob of Player/Missile (http://playermissile.com/ ), Jack of RCR (http://rcrpodcast.com/ ), Kevin from Antic (http://ataripodcast.com/ ), and Brad from Antic (http://ataripodcast.com/ ).  Enjoy!!


Links Mentioned in the Show:


New Acquisitions








User Groups and Shows


Modern Upgrades


Connectivity to Modern Computers




Web Sites



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