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UMBCast 007 - Wolfenstein 3D


Hail blockers!

It's time for episode 7! This time around we're talking Wolfenstein 3D.

But first we talk some news: Both the SpaceVenture and Tex Murphy Kickstarters have funded, but they are both trying to make their stretch goals. Check them out if you haven't already.

I played through the Space Quest 2 remake from Infamous Adventures. The creators of this remake have a kickstarter named Quest for Infamy, who's goal is to create a new game in the spirit of the Quest for Glory series.

Then we get to Wolfenstien 3D. As usual, we talk about the genre, story (such as it is), gameplay and the development story. I then read a listener e-mail and I decide if the game holds up today.

Next week, get ready for some RTS action with Command and Conquer!

Listen and enjoy!

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James and John discuss eBay Finds: HD20 external hard drive, Color Classic II, and wooden floppy disk box. They look back at August 1991 in Macworld magazine, and news includes a CanadianComputerCollector tour, thrift store find, and more NanoRaptor creations.

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