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UMBCast 026 - Fallout


Yes, it's the one year anniversary show where we are talking the great 1997 Interplay game series, Fallout.

First though, lots of news this week.

A cool film kickstarter focusing on the history of the UK gaming scene.

Tim Schafer's Double Fine Adventure has an actual name, meet Broken Age.

Retronauts is trying to reboot themselves outside of 1up.com.

Larry reloaded is scheduled to release in May!

Telltale Games is no longer working on their previously announced King's Quest game.

In business news, Disney shuts down Lucasarts.

Father Beast points out some fun Star Wars based arcade games found at http://www.bruneras.com/

Finally, we get to our main topic, the Fallout series. I get deep into the gameplay, dev story and all the rest.

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Next time, I'll be covering the 1993 Origin game, Strike Commander.

UMBCast 024 - The Incredible Machine


This time around, we're talking about Dynamix's 1992 puzzle game, The Incredible Machine.

This week in the news:

Death Inc Kickstarter

Mage's Initiaition Kickstarter

Back in February, the Guys from Andromeda podcast interviewed Jim Walls, creator of Police Quest and he announced his intention to kickstart a new Police Quest style game.

Finally, Lord British has something to say at http://www.lordbritishpresents.com/

A few links from listener emails:

BJ Used to read this interesting eductionial software magazine:

King's Quest fan remakes from Father Beast:
1, 2 and 3 from AGD Interactive:
Episode based remake:
IA King's Quest 3 remake:

Finally, on the The Incredible Machine. We discuss all the usual suspects and cover the whole series of games.

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Next time we're going to cover the awesome LucasArts space sim: X-Wing. I'm super excited for this one!


UMBCast 041 - The 7th Guest


For episode 41, we're talking about the 1993 Trilobyte interactive movie game, The 7th Guest.

In the news:

John Carmack officially leaves Id Software.

thesurvivor2299.com launches, may be a Fallout 4 teaser site. We'll know soon enough!

Steam is introducing user reviews.

Steam's Autumn (or Spring, depending where you live) sale is on!

Star Citizen has hit 33 million in funding and unlocked more stretch goals.

We then get into the 7th Guest and the 11th Hour. We get into all the usual topics.

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Next time, we're covering the Sierra procedural adventure series, Police Quest.

UMBCast 006 - Emulation


Hey there blockers! It's yet again time for another show!

This week, something a little bit different. Instead of covering a specific game, we're gonna get techie and discuss some ways to play all these great old games I've been covering on our modern, ultra-fast, multi-core gaming rigs.

But first, some news. I follow up once again on both the Tex Murphy and SpaceVenture kickstarters. Check em out and give your support if you think they're worthwhile! Also, the E3 show has been going on this week where trailers were released for the next SimCity and the new X-COM: Enemy Unknown game in development.

I wanted to let everyone know about The Blackwell Bundle, a cool adventure series done in the style of classic VGA adventure games that I've been playing since the last show. Check it out!

The main topic for the week is how to get old games running well on modern systems. We cover some background, what difficulties we encounter trying to get this all running. Then I start the discussion of emulation, define what it is and where it's used. I then get into details of two different applications that are used to run DOS games in emulation, DOSBox and ScummVM.

Finally we listen to an audio comment from Dan where he talks about his experience with retro gaming and DOS emulation on iOS.

That's that! Enjoy the show and see you all next time when we talk about Wolfenstein 3D!

UMBCast 002 - Wing Commander


Hey Blockers!

Welcome to episode 2, where our main topic is Origin Systems' 1990 hit game, Wing Commander. We start off the show with a few news items. I discuss the Leisure Suit Larry Kickstarter project that I previously blogged about. I also found out that Firaxis Games is developing a new X-Com game in the turn-based strategy spirit of the original game.

We then get to our main topic, the original Wing Commander. I go over the very groundbreaking gameplay, technical items like graphics, sound and other details of the game itself. We then talk a little about the development story and close out the show. Hope you all enjoy it and meet me here again in two weeks when we talk about the great Maxis game, SimCity 2000.

ThrowBoy and Iconic Pillow Collection 2


James and John discuss eBay Finds: Picasso Mac book cover, Macintosh IIfx, and Mac SE balloons. They chat to Roberto Hoyos from ThrowBoy about Iconic Pillow Collection 2, and news includes  Apple's Self Service Repair, and Dave's Vintage Apple Tech install of Sorbet Leopard.

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James and John discuss eBay Finds: Power Mac 4400, Through the Looking Glass, and 1998: The Year of Thinking Different. They look back at November 1991 in Macworld magazine, and news includes the Chaffey College Apple 1 auction and new ThrowBoy Kickstarter.

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