'loom' Episodes

UMBCast 011 - Loom


This time around, we're heading back to the adventure genre with a great LucasArts game from 1990, Loom.

First though, some news:

Shortly after the last show, strange rumours started popping up about a new Rise of the Triad game by Apogee software. Turns out they are true!

Some more info about the new X-COM: Enemy Unknown game has come out. We're talking competitive multiplayer and a release date! You can also pre-order at their site.

Finally, some sad news: 3D modelling pioneer Paul Steed, who worked on games like Strike Commander and Quake, passed away suddenly this week.

After the news we read a few listener emails covering a few topics.

Business aside, I then start to delve into the fantastic and wonderful world of Loom. As usual we cover all the aspects of story, gameplay, development and more relating to this truly unique adventure game from Lucasfilm Games.

If you want to give Loom a go, it can be purchased on Steam.

Next week, we put on our conductor's hat when we look at yet another game from 1990, Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon.

Magnetic: the History of Computing


In this first episode, I go over the beginning of computing: why did we start this thing in the first place?  We review the Abacus, the plague, and the loom, and see why those factored into the device you're reading this on. 

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