'portable' Episodes

RMC Live!


James and John discuss eBay finds: Macintosh Portable, ASCII art, and Quadra 950.  They talk about the new YouTube live streaming option, and news includes Quadra 700 PC, AirPods Pro case, Macspotting.

Becoming Portable


Portable computing is now totally ubiquitous. There's a good chance you are listening to this episode on a tiny portable computer right now. But where did it all come from? As it turns out the first portable computer was designed all the way back in 1972. This machine, the DynaBook, only ever existed on paper. Despite that handicap, in the coming years it would inspire a huge shift in both personal and portable computing.

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Important dates in this episode:

1972: DynaBook designed by Alan Kay

1976: NoteTaker project starts

1982: GRiD Compass released

Dave's Vintage Apple Tech


James, John, and Dave discuss eBay Finds: Macintosh Portable, Mac IIfx in box, and Apple III. They learn more about Dave's YouTube channel Dave's Vintage Apple Tech, and news includes the iPod 20th anniversary with Panic's stealth prototype and the Mac Underground website.

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