'retro' Episodes

The Simpsons Screen Saver


I didn't do it. Wait, no, I finally did. This week: Berkeley Systems' Simpsons After Dark Screensaver.



This week: Chris Pirih's SkiFree and some wonderful listener e-mail!

Castle of the Winds


This week we discuss Rick Saada's role-playing game Castle of the Winds, and listen to some wonderful listener e-mail!



This week we discuss the Maxis simulator classic SimFarm, as well a story errata from a prior podcast and listener mail.

This Episode is Under Construction


Three days of jackhammering and concrete cutting outside of my window means episode 6 is delayed until the madness stops.

Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures


This is a big fat episode! In this episode you'll learn about the poorly-selling LucasArts roguelite, warezing over ISDN lines using DCC bots, and I summarize an interview with creator Hal Barwood.

San Diego Zoo's - The Animals


San Diego Zoo Presents: The Animals! The Multimedia PC specification, a short discussion of Blender magazine, and memories of Video for Windows.

A Father's Day Story


A short episode to wish you all a happy Father's Day, and share a little fatherly story of my own.

The Adventures of MicroMan


Our first foray into the world of Windows 3.1 gaming: The Adventures of MicroMan. I reflect on the history of this much loved cult classic, and talk a little about its creator. You can download the original shareware version of and even play it in-browser. Read technical information on and check out Brian Goble's

An Introduction to Windows 3.1


In my inaugural episode I talk about my first Windows 3.1 computer and sketch out some ideas for future episodes.

The History of After Dark


Feeling totally twisted? I know I am! This week: The history of Berkeley Systems and its After Dark suite.

DOS Prompt: Betrayal at Krondor (Part 2)


Welcome back for the second half of our DOS Prompt series on Betrayal at Krondor, where I discuss the development history of the game.

DOS Prompt: Betrayal at Krondor (Part 1)


Welcome all you Northwarden Piggies! Today's episode is a first: we're dropping down to a DOS Prompt to talk about Betrayal at Krondor.

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