Floppy Days 65 - Week of the KFest with Mike Whalen

    FloppyDays Vintage Computing Podcast 10/7/2016


Welcome to Episode 65 of the Floppy Days Podcast, where a summer computer camp for middle-aged geeks is the highlight of our year.  My name is Randy Kindig.  This is a very special edition of Floppy Days produced and contributed by my good friend Mike Whalen and it includes sound bites from many of the attendees of this year’s annual week-long KansasFest Apple II event that always happens in Kansas City, Missouri.  Mike is a long-time Apple II and retro-computer fan and one of the hosts of the currently-dormant Electric Dreams BBS Podcast.  I met Mike at the one-and-only KansasFest event that I’ve been able to attend thus far, that being in 2014.  I would certainly recommend the event to anyone that enjoys getting together with a large number of vintage computer nuts for an entire week, living the college dorm life, and generally immersing themselves in the out-of-date-but-still-loads-of-fun Apple II computer.  It’s one of things that you must experience at least once, although for most people it tends to be like Lay’s Potato Chips: no one can stop at just one.

I’m amazed at the effort and quality Mike put into this podcast.  I want to thank him and the Apple II KFest community for allowing me to air this ode to KFest on Floppy Days.


KansasFest Website - http://kansasfest.org

KansasFest talks on Internet Archive - https://archive.org/details/kansasfest

KansasFest HackFest - http://www.kansasfest.org/hackfest/

KansasFest Door Contest from 2015 - http://www.kansasfest.org/2016/07/door-signs-2015/

YouTube playlist of Dr. Steven Weyrich's KFest-related Parody Songs - http://bit.ly/2dkQfvc

Twitter Accounts for some of the folks involved:

@a2fan -- Sean Fahey

@the_jongleur -- Michael Mulhern

@quinndunki -- Quinn Dunki

@callapple -- Call A.P.P.L.E.

@retroconnector -- Charles Mangin

@kevinsavetz -- Kevin Savetz

@CT6502 -- Chris Torrence

@textfiles -- Jason Scott

@65816guy -- Dagen Brock

@ultramagnus_tcv -- Mike Whalen

Call-A.P.P.L.E. - http://www.callapple.org

Call-A.P.P.L.E.'s "Nibble Viewpoints - Business Insights From The Computing Revolution" by Mike Harvey

Reactive Micro - http://reactivemicro.com/wiki/Main_Page

8-Bit Weapon - http://8bitweapon.bandcamp.com/

Bits With Byte - http://8bitweapon.bandcamp.com/album/bits-with-byte

BlipTastic by ComputeHer - http://8bitweapon.bandcamp.com/album/bliptastic

Charles Mangin's RetroConnector - http://retroconnector.com/

Quinn Dunki's Blog - http://quinndunki.com/blondihacks/

Nibble Magazine - http://www.nibblemagazine.com/

Mike has provided links in the show notes for Web sites that can help you find out more about the attendees you heard in this episode and about KFest itself ; just go to floppydays.com for the full list.  If you wish to contact Mike about this episode, you can find some contact information for him in the show notes.

I very much encourage you to provide feedback for the show at iTunes or on the Web site, via email at floppydays@gmail.com, via Twitter at @floppydays or on Facebook, at http://www.facebook.com/groups/floppydays .  I also want to mention that Floppy Days is also a member of the Throwback Network, a network of retro-themed podcasts.  Check it out at http://www.throwbacknetwork.net.  For one more way to listen, Floppy Days is also available for streaming at stitcher.com.

Until the next show, pull out a vintage computer and compute as if it were yesterday.



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