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UMBCast 039 - Populous


It's episode 39 where I will be discussing the iconic 1989 Bullfrog god game, Populous.

But first a little bit of news:

Last time we talked about Rand Miller and Cyan getting back together fr a project. Well, it's out and it's called Obduction. It is a spiritual sucessor to Myst and Riven.

Next, in Thief news, The Dark Mod, a Thief mod for Doom 3 has released it's second version. Dark Mod 2.0 is now standalone and does not require any resources from Doom 3.

We then get to the main topic, the Populous series. We cover all the usual suspects and also read an email from Paul where he talks about building his own version of Populous during Lionhead's Creative Day in 2011.

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Next time I'll be covering the 1995 LucasArts FPS, Dark Forces.

UMBCast 030 - Dungeon Keeper


It's episode 30! This time around we're talking about the unique 1997 Bullfrog franchise, Dungeon Keeper.

As usual though, news first:

The creators of The Incredible Machine are coming out with a new game called Contraption Maker.

A movie project called Video Games: The Movie attempts to communicate the love of video games from the people that made them.

A unique adventure game project called Armikrog has some cool looking graphics and an interesting voice cast.

Finally, the new Leisure Suit Larry has been delayed by a month due to bug fixes.

Finally, we get on to the main event: Dungeon Keeper. We cover all the bases of this fun and unique game series.

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War for the Overworld on Steam:

Next time, I'll be covering the infamous Duke Nukem series.

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