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UMBCast 047 - Beneath a Steel Sky


Welcome to episode 47 where we discuss the 1994 Revolution Studios adventure, Beneath A Steel Sky.

First though, the news:

Thief 4 has released to mixed reviews.

Jane Jensen's Moebius: Empire Rising now has a release date and it's soon!

The BBC has released a free remake of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy text adventure in celebration of its 30th anniversary. Play it for free online!

Peter Molyneux and 22 Cans have released a big update to Godus in light of some negative feedback.

We then get on to the main event, Beneath a Steel Sky. We talk about all the usual suspects and a few listener emails.

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Beneath a Steel Sky Enhanced Soundtrack Project:

Next time, I'll be talking about the 1991 platformer, Another World.

UMBCast 037 - Thief


It's episode 37 where we're talking the 1998 Looking Glass Studios stealth action game, Thief.

Before that though, the news:

Steam Family Sharing has been announced!

Hardware: Shipbreakers, a game in the spirit of Homeworld, has acquired the Homeworld IP from Gearbox Software.

Lemmings Touch has been announced on the Vita.

The Duke Nukem lawsuit between 3D Realms and Gearbox has been dropped.

Peter Molyneux's Godus is now available on Steam.

Sci-fi author Timothy Zhan has launched a kickstarter for a 4X strategy game called Parallax, based on his writing.

We then go through some listener emails and then get to the main topic, Thief.

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Thief series enhancement resources:

Next time, I'll be covering the Access Software Adventure series, Tex Murphy.

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