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UMBCast 027 - Strike Commander


For episode 27, we talk about the 1993 Origin Systems flight sim, Strike Commander.

Before that though, the news:

In light of the closure of LucasArts, Raven software has released the source code for their two great Star Wars games, Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy.

The Two Guys SpaceVenture released a short alpha preview video.

I sat in on an episode of the Elder Geek Game Club where we talked about the indie adventure game, Primordia.

We then chat about Strike Commander. Genre, story, gameplay, tech focus, dev story, all the usual stuff.

Buy Strike Commander on GoG:

Next week, a bit of a different show, I'll be talking about the new 2013 release of SimCity By Maxis/EA.

UMBCast 015 - Syndicate


Hi Blockers!

Welcome to episode 15! This week we talk about Bullfrog's 1993 game, Syndicate.

Before we get to that though, lots of news this week:

Pledge Quest, the fan game supporting the Two Guys SpaceVenture released a second part. Give it a look!

X-Com: Enemy Unknown has released to great reviews!

In SimCity 5 News, it appears the game will not allow you to restore or delete your cities.

Wing Commander's Chris Roberts launched a crowdfunding campaign to create an ambitious new space sim called Star Citizen / Squadron 42.

Finally, Mechwarrior Online is going to open beta, giving everyone a chance to give the game a try.

After all this news and an email, we get to the main topic of the show, 1993's Syndicate. Lots of great info here.

Get Syndicate on GoG:

Get Syndicate 2012 on Origin:

Next week, we take a look at another game from 1993, Star Control. Hope to see you then!

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